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  Jason Davis grew up in Apopka Florida, and graduated from Lake Brantley High School in 1980

  After he graduated, Mr. Davis joined the United States Army as a military Police Officer, and served for six years, serving in South Korea, and Fort Polk La.

  After his enlistment ended, he joined the Infantry and served in Fort Campbell Ky., and South Korea, this time he was assigned to the Demilitarized Zone,

  also known as the DMZ.

  He returned to the United States, and was again assigned to Fort Campbell, from where he was deployed to Panama, Operation Just Cause, and The Middle East

  for the Persian Gulf War.

  It was there that Sergeant Davis excelled as a leader and led his men into combat, where he received the Bronze Star For Valor, for his actions against the enemy,

  thus saving the lives of his men and several others.

  After he finished his terms in service, Jason returned home, and held many positions, such as a local business owner, a cable manager, the manager of a auto shop,

  and received a degree in education.

  Mr. Davis was elected to the highest position in Volusia County Government in 2012, the Volusia County Chair, and once again served

  the people of his county for four years.

  His dealings with local as well as state and federal elected officials, has given him a very unique perspective as to how government works, and how it really should

  work, and he is not afraid to call them out and let you know.


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