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Best way for cops to respond.


Lets talk about the DNC snooze fest. Great for all of those that were suffering from insomnia. Their entire policy was "We hate Donald Trump!" Now enter the RNC, with real people speaking, real ideas for the economy, and the other issues in America. I also have an idea on how to stop the continuing issues of the rioting across the United States, actually how to avoid any further shootings.



  The real truth about mail in ballots

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Article I

Legislative Branch

Section 4: Elections

 The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of choosing Senators.




The Race for the County Chair.

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And so, Once again, we begin the ever nausiating process of electing ouor representatives to government. In this episode of as the stomach turns we talk about a local election, the race for the position of Volusia Coumty Chair. The highest elected position in the county government, although it is one of the lowest paid. Two notables are in the race for this position, and, well one of them I would not vote for to be dog catcher. Listen and you will understand why.



It is time For us to take charge

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What a waste of life, the death of George Floyd did unite our nation. His death, once again, brought out the abuses of some of the law enforcement officers in our cities. It also has shown how certain state attorney's failed to address these issues in the past.

Today I point out something that no one has really addressed. The Stupity of the Rioters, and the millions of dollars in damages, loss of lives, and loss of livelihoods of so many bread winners, all in the name of....................


How to stay safe in the Wuhan Flu era

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Today I discuss the Myths and best practices to protect yourself from the Wuhan Flu. Believe it or not the best way to protect yourself is to use.... you got it, a little Common Sense.

Wash your hands, keep a little distance from others you are not familiar with, and by all means do not panic like the lame stream media wants you to. This is NOT President Trumps fault. It actually was funded by some predominately high level Democrats. 

Above is the link to the WHO (World Health Organozation) website for the most ridiculous myths busted. You have to see this to believe it.



the senate passes a stimulus bill to help the American citizens, dispite the Democrats wish list.

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Corona Virus is NOT the zombie apocalypse.

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 The world is under a pandemic, fueled mostly by the uncontrolled media coverage. There are a few things you can do to protect yourself, and buying 140 rolls of toilet paper is not one of them. Wash your hands, cover your mouth when you sneeze of cough, and most importantly, stay home if you are sick and seek medical assistance. This in time will pass, and we will get back to normal, soon enough.



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The Trump team starts their defense of the President of the United States of America, using the House Managers own evidence. This is a beat down on the House Managers. Deb Denys is running for County Chair, against a very strong candidate, Jeff Brower. My money is on Jeff.




  The March of the Clowns

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And now the games begin.
Nancy Pelosi has finally authorized the transition of the articles of the fake impeachment to the US Senate, for the trial to begin.
The pomp and circumstance of the parade of buffoons across the rotunda was truly a ridicules sigh to see, as Adam Schiff takes the clowns from the liberal circus to the senate, in a ceremonial parade of arrogance.
Then Mr. Schiff reads the articles to the senate, leaving out very important and key facts of the inquiry.
Then the Clowns march back to the house of representative, and entered as if they were the royalty of our nation.
What a joke the entire fiasco was.


Remember in November----2020

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The House impeachment of President Trump is only a day old and it has already moved from folly to farce. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now threatening to withhold the articles of impeachment that Democrats just passed until the Senate sets trial terms that she and her left-wing faction deem adequate.

“We cannot name managers until we see what the process is on the Senate side,” 

After hearing the charges, the Senate usually deliberates in private. The Constitution requires a two-thirds supermajority to convict a person being impeached. The Senate enters judgment on its decision, whether that be to convict or acquit, and a copy of the judgment is filed with the Secretary of State.




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Some times I have to record these podcasts on Sunday, because the Crazy Circus comes to town, and the Clowns are still running the Big top.

The latest escapades of the Democrats in Congress have once again inspired me to speak my mind, exercise my 1st amendment right of free speech.

Th continuing impeachment droning has echoed through out our nation, trying to remove a sitting president, actually standing because he rarely sits still, and to invalidate our 2016 election.



  Death of OUR Republic

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Today's date is December 10th 2019, it is a day that shall live in infamy, to quote Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt, but today is the day that the United States Constitution has been shredded by the Democratic Party.


What are they doing?

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Now the Dems are looking at Monday for another impeachment hearing, just so they can cause conflict with more lies and untruths.


Its about time!!!

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 Witnesses who testified as public hearings began on Nov. 13:
Wednesday, Nov. 13 - George Kent, the deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, and William Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine.


 the push for a sewer system is the wrong way to go.

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Once again, the continuing Saga of as the stomach turns continues, up in Washington DC, as the Democrats attempt, and I say again attempt, to impeach the president of the United States, for really no good reason.
The only evidence in this case is a transcript of a telephone call.
That is the only truth.


Let the games begin, major loss for the party of do nothing

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 Welcome to another exciting episode, of the continuing Saga, of as the stomach turns.
In today's episode Adam Shifty shift, the pathological liar that is the chairman of the intelligence committee, who is in charge of the impeachment inquiry, read his 15-minute dissertation about how this is the best thing that the united states congress can do for our nation.




Veterans Day 2019

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A very personal podcast for me.

Not the usual sound bites in this one, it is a very somber podcast

I welcome home all of my Brothers and Sisters from their combat tours, and I thank you for your service to us, the United States citizens.

I relate my expirience a little but tell the story of a Veteran that was not thanked for 50 years.



They are after him again, what a joke.

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Greetings, today's date is November 4th 2019.
And this past weekend has been quite the world wind, with all the Talking Heads speaking of impeach, impeach, impeach.

The Congress leadership, Democrats, are releasing the transcripts of the 12 or 13 people they've interviewed, but we do not know when that will happen, and they are constantly leaking information about these interviews down in the cellar of the Congress, behind closed doors, under sworn secrecy.




Scary Votes In Congress!!!!!!!

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Well it's the day that all the little kitties will dress up as their favorite characters and go out and knock on your door, and say Trick or Treat to where you have to give them candy.
What a great way to promote juvenile diabetes!
But it's also another interesting day in our nation's capital, within the House of Representatives, they will vote on rules to start a impeachment process for the president of the United States.



the round and round we go process

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A few days ago I received a phone call from a concerned citizen, and he wanted me to explain to him how would be the best way for him and his group to proceed was trying to get something before a city and or County Council.



  The Soap Opera called Washington D.C. Politics

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Well welcome to another exciting episode of the continuing Saga of as the stomach turns
In today's episode well there's not really, anything new.
Just like a soap opera, daytime drama, the story moves ever so slowly. You can miss a week of shows, and the characters are right where they were when you stopped watch, a week ago.




   Taxes Taxes everywhere, Not a penny saved.

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With the National Politics on the scene, all the time, it's getting a little crazy to talk about local politics.
But I'm looking at it now and saying it's time once again, to focus on Volusia County Florida.
So let us start with the subject everybody really talks about when they talk politics, lowering taxes.



 Lets dig up some more dirt!


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So here we go again with another episode of truthification.
So now we got this crazy stuff going on that President Trump is now asking China to dig up dirt on his opponent.
I have only one question to ask, what opponent are you talking about?



Now its illegal to talk to foreign Presidents?

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I just read the entire transcript of the world infamous phone call between the President of the United States and the President of the Ukrain. I keep the editorial down to a minimal, Just hope a few of the liberal listen and start to use a little common sense. NO QUID PRO QUO!




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  So once again the political winds are blowing left and right, and the media is reporting all things anti-trump!
But wait, they hate it when I do this, I have found the Smoking Gun.
In all actuality, I have found a couple of smoking guns and this is going to really kind of upset a few people.







The Illegal Push To Impeach A Sitting President!

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Well now it's been a few days since the bombshell of the world Infamous now Ukrainian phone call from the president of the United States.
I happen to have been listening to mr. Rush Limbaugh this fine and glorious Friday Sep. 27, 2019 and he made a very interesting point.


Send In The Clowns!                       

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So here we are again.
Once again another exciting episode of the continuing Saga of as the stomach turns.
Once again the Congressional dog and pony show, or circus with all the clowns, is in session grilling Joseph Maguire the acting director of intelligence.
In his opening statement The Honorable Joseph McGuire


Lets Talk Poop!       

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So here they go again, the talking heads are again on the subject of poo-poo.
It actually amazes me how so many can speak of a subject, and really do not have the facts straight, so it is up to individuals like you and I, to research the issue, and let the world know that the group think is not, and I will say again NOT, what the reality of the situation is.

Map of Volusia County   Should I stay or should I go                                         

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Sometimes I wonder if the truth about government, and the powers that be, is ever heard on this podcast. To be honest, there for a while I was contemplating the last show, and what I would say. How would I end my ramblings about the ills of


 Map of Ormond-by-the-Sea Ormond by the sea....ya later!

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 So here we go again...
Enter the political ramblings of Mark Barker from Barkers view, posted sep 18, 2019. Speaking to those of you with an open mind about the ills of politics.



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